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About ATX Kids Club

Board Member Ellana Kelter

Mission: To inspire youth to fearlessly explore and become independent, self-confident individuals through year-round educational and health-minded field trip adventures.

Vision: To influence youth to expand their thinking and positively impact the world around them.​

Every day is an adventure!

Kids gain self confidence by learning how to explore their own city through urban adventures with our community partner, CapMetro. Through these adventures, ATX Kids Club shows kids that Austin is truly accessible to all. Kids will also explore the history and beauty of the Texas Hill Country with guided van excursions. Through these experiences, ATX Kids Club provides campers with a sense of self, sense of place and sense of adventure.


​Our mailing address is :

3005 S. Lamar Blvd., Ste D-109 #371

Austin, TX 78704

(we don't have a physical location, city parks are our drop off/pick up locations)

​Our telephone number is: (512) 234-5437

Our Board of Directors

Board Member Marie Prescott

Marie Prescott


Board Member Qainta Harris

Qainta Harris

Board Member

Board Member Chelsea Toler

Chelsea Toler

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Board Member Joe Barton

Joe Barton

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Board Member John Singson

John Singson

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Board Member Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton

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Board Member Maria Calaf

Maria Amelia Calaf

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Meet the Director

Board Member Tammy Miller

Tammy Miller

Founder/Executive Director

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We also have employment opportunities for Field Trip Leaders, May-August.

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Andrew Hintz - June 2018
Great camp counselors and friendly kids. This is the second year my kids have done the camp and they've enjoyed it each time.

Michelle Barragan- June 2018
My 8 year old Daughter absolutely loved ATX Kids Club summer camp. From meeting at the park (what kid does't want to go to the park everyday),to traveling on the city buses, and all the interesting places around our city they were able to visit. Giving the children a sense of independence and awareness of the world and people around them. All while under the care of a watchful, loving , fun staff . They were wonderful and can really tell they enjoyed their job and the children. You truly don't find that everywhere unfortunately. She will definitely be back. Thank you Ms Miller for providing this unique camp for our active kiddos!

Aarti Kaul - June 2018
My 4year old had a great time at this camp. I was a bit nervous because of his age but everyday I picked him up, he would be happy and waiting to go back next day. I love the fact that they share pics which helps me See what they have been doing.. overall a great summer camp

Betty Nadalini - June 2018
The day-camp experience with ATX Kids Club was more than we even hoped for. Our 6 yr. old granddaughter loved it and can't wait for another week of camping. Using the CapMetro system to visit all over Austin is a huge plus. We were driving in downtown Austin, passing City Hall and other places and she told us, "I've been there!" and look, I've been there, too!". I would recommend it for any child who wants to have a different and fun adventure every day exploring all the wonderful places in Austin. Thank you, ATX Kids Club!

Ashlee Alfred - June 2018
Fantastic camp!!! Very structured. Educational, and health focused.

Brandi Clark Burton - June 2018
With a well worn path between home and school and a few select extracurriculars, a kid's universe can actually be quite small. ATX Kids Club really helped expand my son's perception of his city and his sense of belonging. There are many more parts of town where he recognizes having been there, has stories about what he's done or in general feels like this is his place.

Angela Angulo - June 2018
The camp had wonderful counselors and a wide variety of activities. Every day my children begged to go to the kids camp because they had so much fun and acquired a lot of information. They really enjoy the ride in Capital Metro buses as well as the water activities. This will be their 3 years attending ATX Kids Club Summer Camp.

Mary Barton
​We couldn't be happier with ATX kids club. Tam​my and her team are a very dedicated group and are truly amazing with the kids. You can tell the counselors love their job and the kiddos. The kids are happy and excited every morning knowing that they're going on a new adventure. And they return to us happy and full of stories. They are getting to see and do so many things that are unique to Austin and the surrounding area that we didn't know existed. We wouldn't be able to fit in all the things they've seen and done.​

ATX Kids Club In The News

Voted best Camp 2017 by Activity Hero!

ATX Kids Club was selected to have a complete new web design as part of the Open Air/Knowbility Contest.

ATX Kids Club won the Judge's Choice Award for BEST FILM at the 2016 Spring Film Frenzy in Austin, TX​

ATX Kids Club has partnered with Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry.

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