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Year Round Adventures​


Our campers learn so much about the local Austin region. Children travel all around Austin using CapMetro exploring their city with some of our adventures extending beyond the city limits riding in our 8 or 15-passenger van. Your child will love spending their school holiday on our adventures! Drop off/Pick up locations possibilities: Garrison Park, Pease Park, Vic Mathias, and/or Mueller.  Click the link above for more details!


Our campers learn so much about Austin and how to explore their own city. Our 5 day/week program includes traveling on CapMetro to all their favorite destinations.


We are considering a new program that will take children on an adventure as part of their birthday celebration. Contact us if this idea interests you.

Financial Aid & Scholarships​

ATX Kids Club can offer financial assistance for our programs, please click on the link below to be redirected to our online application. Allow up to a week for a response. Scholarships are offered based on the amount of donations/sponsorships received through individual/corporate sponsors and grant funding. Scholarships may not always be available.

Refunds & Cancellation​

Please review our policies prior to registering your child for an adventure.
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Sibling Discount - 15% off
Military & Referral Discount - 10%